CEAV Design Studios provide a wide range of technology design services for both the residential and commercial AV markets. We work closely with architects, construction companies, designers and of course the end client to provide the seamless integration of technology into projects of all sizes.

Audio visual services are often overlooked during the planning stages of a project, yet they are usually one of the most used services once the project has been complete! CEAV can help you design a system from conception to commission. We listen to your needs and your budget and advise and plan around them. We give expert advice and can help you work with other professionals such as architects, construction companies and IT departments. 



Our team use industry specific software to design your project down to the last connection. Everything is thought of and virtually tested before being installed. We can provide cable schematics, detailed floor plans and elevations for your project. We are also very well versed in working with architects and engineers and incorporating our designs into their frameworks using industry leading software such as AutoCAD.

Through careful planning you can avoid costly mistakes and greatly simplify the installation, management and operation of your AV system.

Our designs are always brand-independent, we are not tied to any specific companies or technologies. We will always specify a system which is right for you, not our suppliers. We take everything into consideration when designing a system such as your usage needs and budget to produce a truly bespoke design tailored to you specific project.

Project management and site meetings

On staff we have very experienced and qualified project managers which will manage and drive your project home. Usually we like to appoint a single project manager to a project so you have a single point-of-contact to your AV team rather than dealing with a multitude of different people. Your project manager will handle on-site decisions, request for changes and information, budget issues and much more right to the final commissioning of the project.