Customer care and after sales support

CEAV offer a number of different support contracts varying on budget and features. Our service contracts are tailored made for each and every project but they all have one thing in common... they're the most competitive service contracts out there and offer amazing value for money. If you want peace of mind that your AV installation will be supported long after the engineers have packed up and gone then look no further. We offer amazing support so your system will never fail you when you need it most!


To cater for all budgets and needs we offer 3 levels of service agreement; Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package offers varying levels of support, such as remote support, out-of-hours support, weekend support and advance replacement of faulty equipment support. Below are some of the features that can be found in our customer care packages.


unlimited email and telephone support

All of our service agreements offer unlimited email and telephone support. Your first point of contact when a problem arises will be our support office. Either email us the problem or simply call us, on doing this a support ticket will be raised. Our support staff will talk to you and try and ascertain the problem, in some cases our staff will be able to fix the problem over the phone, but in more cases then not we will book an engineer to visit you and fix the issue.


Remote CONNECTION Support

Some of our more advanced service agreements offer remote connection support. This means that our support staff are able to remotely login to your system without visiting site. This method of support is very quick and can solve many issues. It does involve an initial setup but it can also allow us to monitor your system from afar and in some cases even warn you of issues before you even notice them yourself!


Regular health checks

All of our service agreements offer varying number of health checks within a year. Health checks involve a trained engineer visiting your installation and making sure everything is how it should be. They make detailed reports on the state of the installation. They make sure cabling is neat and tidy, the system is configured and working correctly and even make sure the system is clean and dust free. In our experience, we find that our regular health checks are invaluable to our customers as we spot potential issues and fix them well before they actually become problematic.

Also, technology is ever evolving, so on these regular visits our engineers can update firmware and software on your hardware to enable new features too. An added bonus.



reactive support

You've contacted us and you've spoken to our support staff and unfortunately the problem can't be fixed over the phone or through our remote connection provisions, what happens now? Well in this situation we would send an engineer to site. Our engineers are vey well trained in all the systems and brands that we carry. They are well mannered, polite and very skilled at what they do. They will visit you place of work and will carry out a fault finding process to solve the issues that you are having. You'll be happy to hear that over 90% of all our call-outs are fixed on the day.