Most of us when thinking about smart boards will think of them in an educational setting, either at school, college or university. In that environment they work great, they allow the lecturer to share ideas with the class and interact with documents in a very seamless and natural way. In fact, whiteboards are so seamless and natural that we hardly ever give any attention to the underlying technology. Smartboard's are effective, reliable and just work, so why would we? With all that in mind, why aren't we using them more in the office environment? Well we think you should be, so below we've listed our top 3 reasons on why using an interactive whiteboard in your office will improve your workflow and allow you to share and be more productive.


1. Turn presentations into collaborative productions

Instead of spending an hour dictating to your colleagues, a smartboard turns meetings into a collaborative environment and allows participants to engage with the presentation. Ideas can be shared with ease and for all to see on large crystal-clear displays. An unknown ability of a smartboard is that brainstorming sessions can be saved to the device for viewing later, no more taking photos of the whiteboard with your smartphone! Files can be easily shared and edited on the smartboard and changes can be made in real-time for all to see. Whether it be a PowerPoint presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, a graphic or PDF, smartboards provide a great way to engage with your team.


2. Combine with video conferencing to share ideas anywhere in the world.

Sometimes the people you want to talk to and share your ideas with are not in the same office as you. Sure, there’s ways to share files over email and communicate with colleagues who aren’t present, but in recent years the convergence of two technologies in the office have revolutionized remote collaboration and the way that we work. On their own; video conferencing and smartboards are very powerful tools. VC systems allow you to communicate and join into the discussion wherever you are in the world and smartboards let you share and collaborate in a way which is natural and engaging. But imagine how powerful these two technologies would be together! By using video conferencing and smartboards together you get the best of both worlds; the ability to share and collaborate and crystal clear communication and to see your meeting participants. It’s the next best thing to actually being in the same room as each other!


3. Save time and money.

We’ve already mentioned that you can combine smartboards with video conferencing systems to have the ability to have a face-to-face meeting and collaborate in real-time. Imagine the time you will save by not travelling, the expense of flights, train tickets and other transport. The ability to share with multiple people in multiple destinations could save your company tens of thousands of pounds in time and expenses. There’s also the expense of booklets, meeting hand-outs and literature that wouldn’t be needed with the use of an interactive smartboard. Save time, money and even reduce your carbon foot print a little all by using the latest in office collaborative technologies.


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