Today, the business world is driven by technology. It would be unthinkable for a modern-day company not to have an internet presence or their staff not using computers or email. Ever-evolving technology is driving and transforming the work-place and as the popularity of smart phones and consumer electronics immerse our everyday life’s, employees are becoming more fluent and confident in using technology in the workplace to improve their efficiency and workflow. Businesses that want to thrive should race to adopt and take advantage of the latest technology trends and their employees new found natural technological skills.

Video Conferencing

Technology trends come and go but some have endured and become inconceivable to many businesses not to have. Video conferencing is a good example of this. Video conferencing can bring your team together for travel-free face-to-face meetings. Businesses can interact with customers, clients and suppliers as if in the same room. Training sessions and webinars are possible with real-time interaction. File sharing, collaboration and on-screen document viewing is seamless and futuristic. Businesses have come to rely on this empowering technology as their daily driver to simply ‘get stuff done’.

Shockingly, a recent poll stated that only 1 in 4 companies are using video conferencing technology. Considering that the same poll showed that companies that use video conferencing on average experience a 26% increase in task performance, a 22% increase in employee participation and a 30% reduction in travel expenses, we find that many businesses would find massive advantages in incorporating this technology into their work flow.

Small and medium size businesses

A roadblock for many companies is the cost of incorporating this technology into their offices. Sure, they can see the advantages and the potential time and money a VC solution could save them in the long-term, but the set-up cost and employee training required in the short-term makes a VC solution not very economical. With modern-day VC solutions, this is no longer an issue.

The cost of a video conferencing solution has reduced significantly over recent years. There are now many different solutions to meet the many different usage scenarios and budget requirements that the modern-day office demands. From large boardroom turn-key solutions to huddle space personal solutions to mobile on-the-go solutions. Video conferencing can keep a team in instant communication with each other and allow them to engage with customers naturally and effortlessly.

Wondering how video conferencing could improve your company?

If you would like to add video conferencing capabilities to your office, please contact us and we can provide you with a visit and a quotation free-of-charge. Technology is here to empower us and improve our lives, why not let it?